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Were Your Unemployment Benefits Rejected or Denied?  We represent people who applied for state unemployment benefits — but were denied or disqualified from receiving benefits — in hearings and on appeal.  LET US HELP YOU TOO!!

As experienced lay representatives, we are a cheaper option than most lawyers and law firms. Those savings might be important to you because you are not receiving any income or unemployment benefits at this time.  WARNING: many lawyers charge a $2000 retainer to represent claimants, and charge fees for an initial consultation.  We can handle your matter for less than one-third of that amount, our initial consultations are FREE, and you can even choose an option which allows you to pay later and/or provides you with a money-back guarantee that you will win your case or you pay nothing!  Contact us for more details.

If you received a denial or disqualification of your unemployment insurance benefits or claim, you should hire a representative immediately as you only have a short period of time to file your appeal. We have represented hundreds of claimants successfully, and have over 20 years of experience. 

It is important that you receive every dollar that you have coming, so you want to be sure to follow all State requirements to the letter.

While we do not get involved in the claim process, you can click on this link for more information about Filing a Claim.  If your claim is DENIED for any reason, please contact us for quality, low-cost lay representation in your hearing to overturn the decision denying your benefits.

Remember, if you receive a Decision that your claim has been denied for any reason, the claimant's hearing request or notice of appeal must be completed and filed within a very short time-frame.  It is important that you contact us immediately.

Nearly all employer’s elect to be represented at the unemployment appeal hearing.  They are not foolish.  Be smart!  Level the “playing field”!!   Get your representative on board NOW!!!

Use the "Contact" tab or call the phone number above for a FREE initial consultation to discuss your unemployment hearing/appeal case.