State Benefits, Extended Benefits, and Emergency Unemployment Compensation

In Colorado, like most states, unemployment insurance (UI) benefits are available to certain unemployed workers who are terminated from employment "through no fault of their own".  If approved, an applicant can receive up to about $500 per week for a period of up to nine months, normally, while they look for suitable work.  During period of high unemployment rates in Colorado, the term (length of time) for receiving unemployment insurance benefits can be extended through the awarding of supplemental benefits such as State Extended Benefits (SEB). There are additional tiers (levels) and emergency benefits for eligible applicants which may make UI benefits available for additional calendar quarters, depending on a variety of factors, such as a sustained high overall unemployment. At some rare times — like periods of sustained and persistent high unemployment rates — the term may be extended up to a total of 99 weeks.

Also, the federal government may add about $25 per week to the amount provided by the Colorado UI Program.  A claimant may qualify for additional benefits called Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), a form of Federal Extended Benefits (FEB).  When available, Federal  Emergency Unemployment Benefits usually are triggered when state unemployment benefits are exhausted.

These numbers represent maximum programs and amounts available.  Some worker may not be eligible for the full amount, as the benefit amount is calculated depending on their former earnings and other factors.  A "benefits calculator" is available at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment's website.

In any case, unemployment benefits can provide a good financial “bridge” to allow someone who is unemployed to meet most of their basic financial necessities until suitable employment is found.  Unemployment benefits are considerable and should be pursued and protected.  It may become necessary for you to have a representative, either a lawyer or non-lawyer, working on your behalf.

Remember, any hearing request/notice of appeal must be completed and filed within a very short time-frame. It is important that you contact us immediately. we have represented hundreds of claimants successfully, and have over 20 years of experience. As experienced lay representatives, we are a cheaper option than most lawyers and law firms. Those savings might be important to you because you are not receiving any income or unemployment benefits at this time.WARNING: many lawyers charge a $2000 retainer to represent claimants. We can handle your matter for less than one-third of that amount, our initial consultations are FREE, and you can even choose an option which provide you with a money-back guarantee that you will win your case or you pay nothing! Contact us for more details.

In some cases, the Division may make a determination that a claimant was responsible for their separation from employment and deny or disqualify the individual from receiving benefits.  There is a hearing process available for claimants to show that they are not disqualified from receiving UI benefits.  We represent parties in unemployment hearings by utilizing former/retired attorneys and other lay (non-attorney) hearing representatives.  This allows us to provide much needed experience while keeping the costs of representation low.

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