Colorado Unemployment Claims, Benefits and Compensation

If you were terminated or laid-off through circumstance that were not your fault, you are entitled to receive unemployment insurance benefits.  In some case, those who quit or contributed to the separation may be eligible for benefits.  Apply online now.  If your request for benefits is denied, you have the right to a hearing before a hearing officer.

The term (length of time) for receiving unemployment insurance benefits varies but usually runs for about 6 to 9 months, during which time the claimant must actively look for employment and be available to work. Over this period, an applicant (claimant) could collect nearly $25,000 in unemployment benefits. These State benefits are considerable and should be taken very seriously.

During time of extreme economic hardship, the length of time for which a claimant may receive benefits is extended through the awarding of supplemental benefits. Under certain circumstances, there may be additional benefit levels (called “tiers”) and emergency benefits for eligible applicants. These unusual circumstances may make unemployment benefits available for up to 99 weeks, depending on a variety of factors, such as a persistently high overall unemployment.

The claimant must complete a questionnaire every two weeks, through the automated phone system or online website, to register for ongoing benefits. This must be done religiously — even if the claimant’s application is denied.  Continue to complete the biweekly questionnaire either online or by phone at all times, even during your appeal, so that you are eligible for retroactive payments of benefits.

Remember, the applicant’s hearing request/notice of appeal must be completed and filed within a very short time-frame.  It is important that you contact us immediately.  As experienced lay representatives, we are a cheaper option than most lawyers and law firms. Those savings might be important to you because you are not receiving any income or unemployment benefits at this time.  WARNING: many lawyers charge a $2000 retainer to represent claimantsWe can handle your matter for less than one-third of that amount, our initial consultations are FREE, and you can even choose an option which provide you with a money-back guarantee that you will win your case or you pay nothing! 

Ordinarily, if your are denied unemployment benefits, notice that you intend to appeal the decision of denial must be received within 20 days. If your notice of appeal is late, you or your representative may be allowed to appeal upon a showing of good cause for the late appeal. You and your representative have the opportunity to call witnesses, submit documents or evidence, and call witnesses in order to prove your case at a hearing.

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