Reasons for Denial or Disqualification of Colorado Unemployment Benefits

An applicant filing a claim for unemployment insurance benefits in Colorado may be denied or disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits if the employer alleges any of a variety of reasons for a claimant not to be awarded benefits. Remember that — if your employer contends that you are not eligible to receive benefits — and you receive a Notice of Decision denying unemployment benefits, you have the opportunity to request a hearing with a hearing officer to overturn the Decision denying an award of benefits.  If you lose at the hearing, you have the right to file an appeal with the Colorado Industrial Claims Appeal Office.

Usually, an employer will allege one of the following conditions to prevent a claimant from being awarded benefits:

  • Employee Quit or Resigned
  • Insubordination
  • Violation of Company Rule or Policy
  • Use of Intoxicants or Controlled Substances (Alcohol/Drugs)
  • Incarceration
  • Loss of License or Other Professional Designation
  • Tardiness/Absenteeism
  • Job Performance Problems
  • Theft/Stealing
  • Assault
  • Damage to Employer’s Property/Interest
  • Rude or Offensive Behavior
  • Shoddy or Careless Work
  • Lack of Transportation
  • Failure to Complete a Rehabilitation Program

If an applicant/claimant is denied benefits based on any of these reasons, he or she has the ability to file a request for hearing and present evidence at a hearing to challenge the employer’s allegations.  A claimant may be represented by the representative or their choice, including attorneys and non-attorneys.

As experienced lay representatives, we are a cheaper option than most lawyers and law firms. Those savings might be important to you because you are not receiving any income or unemployment benefits at this time.  WARNING: many lawyers charge a $2000 retainer to represent a claimant at a hearing, and charge fees for an initial consultation. We can handle your matter for less than one-third of that amount, our initial consultations are FREE, and you can even choose an option which provide you with a money-back guarantee that you will win your case or you pay nothing!

Too often, an employer exaggerates or fabricates the circumstances under which an employee was separated from employment, or the Division does not thoroughly investigate the reasons for an employee's discharge.  Fortunately, the appeal hearing process allows a claimant the opportunity at a hearing to provide testimony and cross-examination on the record, as well as hearing exhibits and other documents into evidence, in order to correct the record and receive unemployment benefits.  Remember, the applicant’s hearing request or notice of appeal must be completed and filed within a very short time-frame. It is important that you contact us immediately.

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